First Race in Lonato

Hello Racers!


This weekend the first race of the KRP Shifter Challenge will take place. On Saturday, the 12th of october there will be the firs documented run. The event will start at 17.00 GMT with the free practice.


See you on the track.


Robin Mayer - Organizer of the KRP Shifter Challenge

Opening Day in Lonato at the 20.09.2014

Hey Guys,


to have a great start in our new challenge I decided to do an Opening Day at the 20.09.2014.


At 18.00 GMT the Free Pactice will start. It will take 60 minutes. The qualify will start at 19 GMT and after that the race will start. The qualify will take 15 minutes. The Pre-Final and the Final will be 40% races.


Everybody is allowed to drive the free practice. But only enrolled people may drive the qualify and the race. But everybody can enroll at the free practice. 


The event will take part on the official KRP Shifter Challenge server with KZ1 or KF1.


Everybody (enrolled or not) has to follow the rules. If someone brake rules he will get warned and if he doesnt stop it he will get ejected.


This is only an opening day and you can't get points. The first race you can get points is only for enrolled people on the 04.10.2014!

Would love to see you at our Opening Day.


Greets Robin Mayer - Organizer of the KRP Shifter Challenge

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